It is hard to write about a subject when your ideas on that subject are not fully formed. These ideas are based on the situation the world finds itself in politically. They have to do with gender and race and how the normal checks and balances are missing. It has to do with history and interference with other people’s road to civilisation. It is to do with the differences between the attitudes of the genders.

I think it best just to dive in and hope it all makes some sense. In the UK we have been, historically, a patriarchy. We have been divided by wealth and poverty. Women have been viewed as second class citizens. The poor have been treated as if poverty is a crime. In the middle ages the rich were, backed by the controls of the church, undisputed rulers. Peasants were forced to work for their betters. Life expectancy for all was low, mid 40’s-50’s at most. Meanwhile, in other countries, other races were happily pursuing their versions of religion or superstitions.

Later ideas began to spread around Europe and the Asian continent. Africa began to be explored. The explorers felt the need to  supplant the local religion. Many were European and therefore the new religion was Christianity. This is one root of the problem. Many middle eastern countries were understandably upset by this and the ongoing wars and disputes over them continue to this day. Meanwhile, Africans were taken and enslaved, thus starting another grudge which also affects us today. The remaining African nations had Christianity imposed on them.

All of these ideas, superiority of the White male, the assumption of lack of intelligence on the part of conquered races, the supposed superiority of man over woman. All were wrong. They all caused wars and disputes.

However, by the end of the 19th century all these ideas were challenged and many overturned. Of course it was a gradual process. Then at the beginning of the 20th Century came the worldwide conflicts. Women took the place of the men in the workplace. Men were asked to fight for the ruling class and demanded, in return, a say in politics. Gradually the ruling class became an anachronism. Women’s rights were also accepted over time.

Together with the improvement in health and the resulting improvement in lifespan, the lack of any major wars after 1945 and any other wars being fought far from home there were no more challenges and several generations grew up in a world where they were given anything they required. Poverty was not eradicated but the welfare state ensured few died as a result of it. Marriage became an option rather than the norm Many people had children then split, thus ensuring that the children were bought up by a single woman.

All this has gradually changed the balance till the nurturing, matriarchal urge is prominent. This has given rise to the liberal imperative. Men are emasculated. Governments feel they must make up for hundreds of years of  invasion and repression. Women and those races who were their victims are now turning. It becomes essential in this P.C. world to offer opportunities to them whether they are qualified or not, merely because they are what they are.

This is the part that I find worrying. Those who suffered at the hands of these ‘civilised’ nations are sensing weakness. Islamic terrorists (Not Islam in general!!) are using this drive to make up for the imperialist past in order to move freely in Europe. We are inviting vast groups of  immigrants whose lifestyles are totally incompatible with ours. In short the patriarchal society was wrong and led to global war and the liberal society which has replaced it will lead to global war of a different kind. Maybe one day we can find a balance but the new Liberal is on the rise.

I am not sure if this makes sense to anyone other than me but I am going to put it out there. It is a work in progress and many would consider me a right wing, sexist bigot. I am not but it seems anyone who disagrees with the liberal left MUST be labelled as such.