Those in the U.K will know that we have lately had many ups and downs politically. What with the Brexit referendum and the divisions it created, the issues with the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 and calls for another one and the recent general election, we are just about replete with political issues. 

I was heavily involved, more as a keyboard warrior on Twitter and have experienced the bitterness these issues have created. I recently posted there and was instantly pounced upon by 10 people. Most were reasonable but this isn’t always the case. There are those who use the anonymity offered by these platforms to make the most acrimonious and atrocious comments you can imagine. 

There have been young people wishing for the death of the over 60’s because they voted to leave the EU. There have been remainers AND leavers questioning the intelligence of those on the opposite side. There have been calls for violence against political opponents. The far right hate the far left, Scottish nationalists hate the unionists and the English. The English hate the Scottish nationalists. Labour supporters hate Tories and vice versa. 

Brexit now seems to be ongoing , the Scottish independence issue has been shelved and the Tory government seems relatively secure so you’d think this would die down now, but no. If anything it is now worse than ever. Added to this is and more divisive than all the others is the rise in hatred of Daesh with their ongoing worldwide terrorist attacks and the knock on effect on innocent muslims. All in all very scary and both sides use some extremely nasty rhetoric. 

Well I for one am fed up with all this divisiveness. What was exciting a year ago has been endlessly discussed in every medium till it has been robbed of it’s novelty. More importantly it has divided folk who might well have been friends if not for these issues. Maybe it’s time to start getting along again. As for the politics, there is little that can be done by non politicians and I could really do with a break from it all. Many probably feel the same.