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Today I have been made, yet again,aware of the need to slow down. I was walking along, head full of politics, money worries, the dreadful weather we are having all the usual stuff. I was, as I always do, looking down, when I raised my eyes.

I was near my home, the view very familiar. Or so I thought. Suddenly I was seeing the trees lining what is  residential area. It was so green, the wind was blowing the branches and the light was catching the leaves emphasizing all shades of that colour. Yes the road was lined with cars and it was a dull and damp day. That just added to what was an atmospheric view to begin with.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had seen this view many times but I had never really looked at it  before. While I rushed about, along with everybody else, this view would still be there regardless of any of our actions.

My new granddaughter Elsie is, at this moment, enjoying her first few weeks here. She has not a care in the world but we will soon be teaching her about responsibility and duty. Soon she will have her fair share of both.

Yesterday I heard of a property developer who was carving a name for himself and becoming extremely rich. Suddenly and without warning he died of a heart attack. His money didn’t help him and he will never look up and enjoy the view again.

It was also announced today that, after a lifetime of service, Prince Philip husband of Queen Elizabeth of England is to stop all public engagements from August. He is 96 so I guess he is also thinking it’s time to slow down and appreciate what he has before it’s too late.

No doubt I will be absorbed with politics and the stresses and strains of life tomorrow but for today, let’s slow down and smell the Roses.

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