Image result for springSeems like the long awaited spring season may at last have arrived. In the U.K. there is a lot happening in the world of politics but all those who need to know about that probably do. My gaming activities continue unabated and those who wish to know about them can check out my geeky blogs at . So I will concentrate on the simple arrival of some warm, sunny weather today.

Lately we have (Almost completely!) redecorated the Bot homestead in lighter, brighter colours ready for the season’s arrival and today, in t-shirt and shorts I took a walk in glorious sunshine. It was about 20 deg/c and enough to raise some perspiration. People always seem more cheerful, maybe something to do with vitamin d. With all my technology it cannot achieve what a walk in warm sunshine did. It may only be temporary, tomorrow may be freezing and rainy, but for today it is warm. Looking from my window is a pleasure even in this built up area.

I look forward to some nice walks in the lanes and fields around us over the next few months and, hopefully, this is just a taste of things to come.