Image result for decoratorIt has been very busy chez bot lately. The wifebot has declared that the ol’ homestead needed doing up. I can’t really say I blame her. We moved into a flat with little cash and have put up with the previous owner’s taste. It was not badly done but after a few years, and with a little cash to spare it was time to put our own stamp on the place.

The living room was the main offender done  in two main colours. Opposing walls were in 1 colour. So we had darkish purple and magnolia. In the end it got to be too funereal after dark.

Thing is I didn’t realise how depressing it was. We now have one wall in light grey (With the TV and so on!) and the rest are eggshell bluey-green. The difference is amazing. We have new pastel blue curtains too and in the morning it is like being under water. Brightness has increased exponentially and with some new items of furniture and entertainment items we really feel we have made it ours.

You tend to think you like your home décor but, as a rule, a change is most definitely as good as a rest. Now for the hallway, originally done in brown and magnolia but not for too much longer.