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I may have mentioned that ideas come to me at all kinds of odd times. Usually at 2 or 3 am. Lately ,though, my sleep has tended to be undisturbed. Great!!

Having said that this has a downside. No burning ideas which I must pass on to my WordPress buddies. UK politics is always an issue for me but the Brexit and it’s associated arguments are now slightly redundant as subject matter. Article 50 WILL be triggered and the real fight now is to stop the left watering down the end result. Aside from that it is now a case of fending off the rabid remainers and Scots ultra nationalists on twitter. I can’t really be enthusiastic about  a whole blog on the subject till things are clearer.

My life seems to be ticking along quite nicely and I am continuing to walk and eat sensibly. Weight is coming off albeit slowly.

It is winter now and I tend to hibernate at this time so this may be why I am not bursting with ideas. I am tempted to vlog but it requires some effort with a video camera and my face is not ideally suited to this.

Mrs Bot and I are quite contented with our lives so nothing there to raise issues. I am reading one of my favourite authors at the moment with lots of books lined up so no problem there.

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Maybe I should be careful making statements like that so I will just say that I have blogged just to let you know I don’t have much to blog about.