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The picture is apt as an aid to understanding the mind but I prefer to see the subconscious as a naughty child, demanding attention at awkward times. I have mentioned before that I suffer from insomnia, and my subconscious mind child is largely to blame. Quite how it happens I am not sure, it’s a mystery. The inner mind child obsesses about s given subject and eventually starts poking my sleeping brain. Once awake it starts receiving the random ramblings of the spoilt little brat.

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Mostly the subject is not overly exciting or engaging but the subject today was worthy of note because it is a mystery how the inner child delivers his deliberations. That it is a mystery ties in with the subject matter so here goes.

I am a fan of science and the benefits it brings to the world. I understand, having a logical mind, most of the theories science has given us. Biology, chemistry and physics are not deep mysteries in the main. On the historical side forensic archaeology is also fairly well understood by me.

The issue that the inner child was banging on about at 3 am was theoretical science and it’s being understood (Or not as the case may be.) by the masses  I.E. me.

I enjoy listening to Prof. Brian Cox who projects the right mix of Theoretical Physics and humour. I respect the mind of Stephen Hawking. Yet both these gents talk and much of what they say goes over my head. Therefore they could well be speaking a load of tosh. It may be that they sit at home giggling hysterically about how much they are paid to spout a load of old guff.

In Europe there is a research establishment called CERN. One of it’s achievements (Via an English gent called Tim Berners-Lee) was the invention of the world wide web, thus revolutionising the internet. Also there is a machine worshipped by Physicists called The Large Hadron Collider. It is designed to explore the behaviour of atoms and particles (Or is it waves?) it does this by essentially colliding them together and seeing what happens. (See footnote.) The theoretical physicists try to claim great leaps forward from this machine, which costs vast amounts of money to run. I present exhibit 1 for my case that these guys could be talking rubbish.

The Higgs boson is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. It is the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, a fundamental field of crucial importance to particle physics theory first suspected to exist in the 1960s. Unlike other known fields such as the electromagnetic field, it has a non-zero constant value in vacuum. The question of the Higgs field’s existence has been the last unverified part of the Standard Model of particle physics and, according to some, “the central problem in particle physics”.

Did you understand that, No? Me neither. The only ones who could are the people who made the claim and those like them. Similarly with the idea that a particle can be a wave and vice versa at the same time. Someone Named Schrodinger invented an undoable experiment in order to ridicule this theory. So a physicist tried to disprove another Physicist’s theory with an experiment no one can actually do. Do you begin to understand the inner child’s issue? We are told that theoretically we are understanding the Universe more and more, maybe. The Scientists often say that ‘experiments indicate’ or ‘We think that….’ or ‘We can’t be certain but…..’. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we really know nothing. Exhibit 2!

In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle, also known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known.
What? The only thing  I can see is that I have no idea what that actually means. The only certainty for me is that there can be no certainty. The only people who can even begin to decide if they are on to something are other theoretical Physicists.
Even Archaeologists are guilty of this kind of thing. How can we be totally certain that our ancestors lived in one way or another based on a few grains or a shard of pottery? There was a program called ‘Time Team’ on Channel 4 (U.K.). It was an hour long show in which a group of Archaeologists were presented with a site of historical interest and which presented a historical conundrum and were asked, by means of a dig lasting 3 days, to solve it. Now I understood most of it. I even learned a lot but some of their conclusions seemed illogical or required a leap of logic to accept them. I could not question what I didn’t fully understand and to understand I would need to be an Archaeologist. Catch 22. It is the same with D.N.A. and other biological issues.
As far as theoretical science is concerned it seems that the only other theoretical scientists can prove  the truth of any given argument, but you probably wouldn’t understand the proof. A silly thing to get worked up about but the Subconscious Child seems to think it was worth making me lose sleep over.
This is all very tongue-in-Cheek but we have to hope that these guys aren’t being paid vast amounts of money just to contemplate their navels. Many, to pretend they are more intelligent than they are, might claim to understand these things but I think few really do understand, even reasonably intelligent people like me.

Footnote:  This is all reminiscent of The late great Douglas Adams with his Deep Thought computer and his sage advice to primitive life forms that “….The secret is to bang the rocks together guys.” His scientists also produced a completely unfathomable answer to life the universe and everything and thus the Earth was built to  try to understand what the question was. I miss Douglas Adams. He would have understood this post.