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Image result for 1940's pinupFirst let me say that I respect women, I do not pretend that they have always been treated well by men and if sexism occurs it is as bad as racism or any other discrimination. So why the pictures of gorgeous women. Isn’t that sexism? I don’t think so and will attempt to tell you why!

It is obvious that, largely due to religion of various kinds, women have been seen as inferior and to a certain extent property. Also it is blindingly obvious that there are Neanderthals out there who think they still are. The recent BDSM boom may be seen by some as reiteration of this idea. As far as history is concerned, I was not around at the time but women accepted the roles as men did. The Church preached the original sin was woman’s and her baser instincts needed to be controlled. The Neanderthals will always be there and only the law and public pressure can affect this attitude over time. It should be mentioned here that there are abusive women out there too. The idea of the British Male being dominated by his strong wife has long been a stereotype.

As for BDSM, my wife is an advocate of the right of a husband to control and punish to a certain degree. I await all the vitriolic emails! But the simple fact is that any Dom/Sub relationship must have checks built in to avoid one partner assuming they are superior to the other. It is about mutual consent!

So at the beginning of the 20th century women began to be a little annoyed at their treatment by males. The teaching by the Church and society in general of women’s inferiority was wearing thin. Up till then the law enshrined the right of a man to punish his wife and even described the maximum thickness of the implement allowed. The social conditions of the poor often resulted in alcoholism and this in turn resulted in domestic violence. I say here and now that this was wrong but again there were other factors at work. Even if this was a given there were Neanderthals then too. men who saw women as sexual objects and a way of ridding themselves of the frustration at their lives. The true misogynist will always be there but women were fighting back.

The Suffragettes campaigned tirelessly for the vote and there were various movements throughout the century which resulted, eventually, in relative parity as far as employment, wages and citizen’s rights went. I think, today, that women are relatively equal to men in those areas. Feminists may disagree but the only areas where there is a real problem are those in which males are pre disposed to hate women and to offer them abuse and violence. There are laws in place to deal with this but some women are afraid enough that they stay in an abusive relationship rather than provoke the abuser further. This is the true sexism and I am sad to say I don’t know the answer. This is the true battlefield as far a I can see but it must be recognised that this kind of sexism goes both ways. This sort of leads me on to my next point.

There are women out there who have varying negative attitudes to males, all based on the idea that Men are the enemy. Some feel that the modern male should be blamed for the historical abuse of their sex. This despite the fact that it only began to change when women stood up and began to say they would no longer put up with it. Some just don’t like men and see no future where the two can co-exist. An example of this, on a placard during the recent women’s marches around the world, was the idea that all men should be killed leaving the world in the hands of compassionate woman. Quite how the race would continue or the fate of boy children if it did was not explained. Others state that their sex makes them somehow superior to the hated mail. Various solutions are proposed from death to enslavement of males. Surely this makes women the sexist beasts in the new order!

The bit about feminists was a little tongue-in-cheek but the point is valid. Like men there will always be women out there who harbour hatred for men. Even a man like me who enjoys female company and respects all women as equal by these new man hating ladies.

Which brings me back to my question. I enjoy the sight of a pretty woman dressed in elegant clothes, or half dressed in nice underwear….. you get the picture. Does that make me sexist. I like pornography which does make me a little uneasy. This is not because I think it is inherently bad but because some are involved in the sex industry unwillingly. Again I have no answer except to hope the law can eradicate this eventually.

Aside from that, if a woman wishes to pose provocatively, enjoying the attention it brings or simply for the money, is it really sexist? Well I’d say not. Either way she gets the attention or well paid for the work. As long as it is done willingly I do not see the problem.

As for the images at the beginning of this post, they were 1940’s vintage. These women went through the ravages of WW2, remained strong and still liked to look glamorous. There was an organisation called the ATA consisting entirely of women pilots who delivered everything from fighters to bombers to their designated airfields. Often they were subjected to enemy fire. They too maintained their femininity through this.

The suffragettes fought within an oppressive system, still feminine, still dressed within the bounds laid down for them. I do not judge a woman based on the way she dresses or if she likes to present a feminine, even sexual, image to the world. That is her choice.

This is true strength in a woman, the ability to dress, think and speak as she likes whilst realising she is a woman. She is different to men but men are not necessarily the enemy. For me, the 1920’s to the 60’s epitomised this attitude. Women were glamorous, they were provocative, they were even erotic.

They also knew who they were, what they wanted and they had the intelligence to know that men were not an enemy. If they were being exploited they would be the first to complain. In short, instead of assuming men and women were totally incompatible they knew how to make the differences work to their advantage. Too many women today seem to prefer victimhood and hatred towards men.

So if you are a strong, independent and intelligent woman and you love dressing in a way that conveys a glamorous image so be it. I assume you have the intelligence to know that men will look at you, for the most part in admiration, and are OK with that. It may be that some women will too. Some may even whistle in appreciation. There are many women who would enjoy attention like that but some are trying to get it re classified as a crime.

The point is that you can be glamorous and provocative and a strong, intelligent woman. That takes more strength than constantly whining about being a victim of the opposite sex.

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