Image result for chillLately, as you may know, I have been ‘doing’ politics a lot. It’s fascinating to be living through this change in our history here in the U.K.

But today it occurred to me that I can get over enthusiastic and it turns out politics is something which I get extremely over enthusiastic about! I am usually to be found glued to Sky News and twitter and if not I am working. I do use my XBOX when not doing these other things but I am rapidly finding myself getting very stressed about long term exposure to certain issues.

So today I decided to forget the politicians, the idiots on both sides of the Brexit debate and division and come on here to talk to my long neglected readers. Mrs Bot is Romcom’ing so it’s an ideal time to do a quick post.

It’s Friday and the weekend starts here. I love that feeling. You never know what it might hold so Friday is a time to relax after the stresses of the week and look forward to some downtime. whatever happens it is the one time you (Or we!) can decide what to do with your (Or our!) time. It’s a great feeling that you can do anything you want and go to bed whenever you like. Once you have done so you can sleep or……………or not sleep.

We all know that the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry so everything may go bottoms up tomorrow and Sunday may be wasted sitting on the sofa when you really should be visiting neglected relatives, playing footie or whatever floats the ol’boat. The point is that, on Friday, all this is the Future. In a Universe where anything is possible the weekend is a total unknown. Like life, it will gradually begin to resolve itself into a  good one or a bad one but on Friday, there is just unresolved particles (Or possibly waves!!!) of weekendiness. If Schrodinger’s cat were a weekend Friday is the bit before the box gets opened. One would hope that the actual weekend does not turn out to contain dead felines but the point is made.

So here I sit attempting to picture the very epitome of weekends for myself and Mrs bot. Likewise I wish you a weekend totally devoid of deceased felines and full of wondrous things.

Just remember that it’s great to be interested in something but occasionally you have to let it slide and chill.

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