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According to many on the remain side of the Brexit argument I am the enemy. White, male, 55, working class or middle class,  politically aware and with a fine pair of bullshit detectors attached to my head.

I voted to leave the EU and would do so again. Am I racist? No I am certainly not. Do I object to being labelled racist because I voted a particular way? You better believe it.

I  know the arguments for and against immigration. I won’t bore you with them here. In my view uncontrolled immigration drives wages down when many are already on the breadline. It means that, over time, services and infrastructure will be overwhelmed. It means that employers taking advantage of lower wages and a large workforce can take liberties with workers rights, and make obscene profits thus widening the gap between rich and poor even further.

From personal experience I know that, for any job which becomes available, there are at least 30 applicants and this situation will lead to higher unemployment if uncontrolled immigration continues.

Add to this situation those that come here purely to take advantage of the generous benefits system and our great NHS. Many of these have no intention of working. Ask this question. Why are all immigrants so keen on getting to Britain when the journey would be much shorter if they settled in France or Germany.

The recent argument on Child immigration in which the so called Children were proved to be over 16 and in many cases in their 20’s is another reason for doubt about motives for entry. If the children had been under 12’s I would be all for it but it proved that the immigrants are not above lying in order to be settled in UK.

Then there is the issue of security. Middle east countries bordering the EU are either not friendly to Europe or harbour terrorists. Should Turkey join the EU this will be even worse. Freedom of movement makes it easier for terrorists to slip under the radar. In one recent terrorist attack the perpetrator slipped across 2 borders unchallenged. Then we have Muslim immigrants intent on stirring up racial hatred and attempting to set up no go areas for non Muslims or inflict sharia law on the host country. Sharia is the polar opposite of our tolerant laws. This would all be aided by freedom of movement.

For all these reasons I am against UNCONTROLLED immigration. However Brexit is not just about this issue. It is about people who know nothing about my life, who do not even share my values, attempting to control various aspects of that life. It is about 27 other countries imposing laws on us which are not in our best interests. it is about the ECHR siding again and again with criminals and terrorists. It is about the fact that, at least once every five years, we can rid ourselves of a bad government but the EU is largely unelected and the EU parliament has no real power.

Just to prove that all this doesn’t equal Racism, I live in a small town with a diverse population. The recent movement of workers in London to dormitory towns like this means that the Black and Asian population has become much higher. We also have high populations of EU citizens who have settled here. As with most towns we have a Mosque for the Muslim population.

There is not one of these people I would not wish a good morning to. I would happily move out of their way on a narrow path. I often chat to strangers in a shop, and have received blank stares because the person is not English and doesn’t know the language. I worked with EU migrants and got on well with those who did speak English. Those that didn’t I would nod to, just to acknowledge their presence in a room. If anything it is the immigrants who refuse to integrate in the way the Jamaicans of the ‘Windrush’ generation or the influx from India and Pakistan did.

If I were engaged by someone in an exchange on Social Media or any other forum I would respect that person be (S)he Black , White, Asian or Chinese. Argument is about exchanges of views so I might disagree but I would respect their right to a view.

Calling us Racist seems to be the default position for many arguing against Brexit. It is true that some actual racists are using it to further their disgusting agenda but most people I know who voted leave are far from it.

In fact it is some of the members of the Left, Elites and Millennials who are proving intolerant of their opposition’s point of view. The referendum was run under certain rules which were known and accepted until leave won. Then the calls were for the vote to be ignored on the basis that it was advisory, not enough people voted etc. The vote was won within the rules by leave but some of those on the losing side refuse to acknowledge it.

Luckily, Brexit will happen. It is likely to be a hard Brexit which was what I interpreted the leave reply to mean. Even most REASONABLE Remainers accept it. yet still the die-hards continue their intolerant rants while pretending that uncontrolled immigration has no effect on the British way of life.

I have no problem with those already here, I will talk to and engage with anyone. I just cannot see immigration with no checks ending well. Too many slip through the net and disappear. We need to know who is getting in, whether they intend to work, whether we need their skills and whether they wish to integrate into our lifestyle instead of us integrating with theirs. I understand diversity is a good thing but that does not mean letting anyone in with no way of establishing their value to this country.

So you can disagree with me and that’s fine but present sensible arguments and above all don’t call me racist.