I am enduring a first for me and it is impacting on all areas of my life. In December I fell heavily. I was in pain and my elbow was heavily bruised. I was told nothing was broken so I carried on while the bruising subsided. I even drove around for a week.

The pain was bad so I decided to return a week later. The elbow was x-rayed and seemed ok though the nurse practitioner saw a faint line on the bone.She told me the local hospital reviews x-rays and would contact me if necessary. Sure enough I got a call to go back for a sling as the bone was broken. An appointment at a fracture clinic was arranged and driving at my discretion bearing in mind that insurers would take a dim view of driving with a broken arm in the event of an accident. That seems a strange statement but it has not affected movement much and driving is quite comfortable. Twisting actions are painful and any lifting or pulling extremely so but steering is ok and gears done with the other arm.

However I am not so stupid as to push my luck and doing anything for too long makes my arm ache. Likewise I feel clicking and grinding noises after a while so driving is only a very local activity and in dire need. 

I attended the clinic. The reason I had almost full movement was that the Radius bone had literally snapped just below the joint but was fully in situ and doing business as usual unless strain was placed on it. I was told that driving was not totally out of the question but my approach of short distance and emergencies only was adequate. Surprisingly the Doc was OK with my gaming activities saying my Xbox would ensure the elbow remained flexible. Even so too much time doing this results in long term ache in my arm.

I was expecting a cast at least but no. I was given a sling which, according to the Doctor, was only to ensure that it was plain to others my arm was broken and to deter people from bumping into it.

One activity that is beyond me is typing. It is very painful even in the short term. I am typing this on my Tablet which would be tedious for my novel or even a large blog post but adequate for small amounts of writing. I guess it will be a while before all is well but it is the first time in my 55 years that I have broken any bones. I wouldn’t recommend it.