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“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”  Mark Twain.

“Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.” Glen Greenwald
The U.K. is divided, there it is said! The referendum on the E.U. has bought out the worst in us all. I voted Leave. I am proud of it. The U.K. was great and will be great again standing free of European interference. Don’t like it? Fine. Think I am a moron? O.K. I really don’t care.
The facts are simple. A vote was held on the U.K. remaining a member of the E.U. The rules were clear. A simple majority was enough. The Government would implement the result immediately. Leaving aside the fact that this promise has not been kept, (And that I will continue to ask why on social media until it is.) it is certain that the government will have to deliver something. I also believe that it will have to be more than a watered down half-arsed fudge. To do anything else would be committing political suicide.
So 52% voted leave. Some may regret it but some on the remain side have realised that project fear, the Remain campaign of disinformation predicting economic Armageddon, was largely an invention. Britain is prospering, the pound is low but has been overvalued for years. They would, in all likelihood vote to leave had they not been persuaded by outright fear mongering. So those who would change their vote are balanced by those who would do so in the opposite direction. This is academic. We all know it.
Yet, if things were the other way around, I would be bitterly disappointed but I would accept the facts. I knew the rules. And this is what the losing side have done isn’t it? Many have but many still continue to insult those who voted to leave. They belittle our intelligence. They try to make Brexit fail as a punishment for daring to vote wrongly. They say  that a democratic vote should be limited to the people who have the intelligence to know what is best for everybody. Broadly they are in several groups.
Both the Lords and Commons contain people who think we have usurped their power to govern us. They say that they know best and the wrong decision was made. The Referendum was advisory, they argue. Parliament must make the ultimate decision. Of course, the E.U. is a source of cushy jobs and grants, as well as being someone to blame. Maybe they are frightened they might have to actually earn their salaries and expenses. In any event, a parliamentary vote would be likely to result in nullifying the decision by 17.4 million of the people who voted for them to wield this power.
Unelected Whitehall mandarins.
Watch an episode of ‘Yes Prime minister.’. These guys run government behind the scenes. They are unaccountable and like it that way. They see the vote as a direct threat to their power. They cannot control us so they fear us.
Actors, artists, musicians, academics.
I used to admire Bob Geldof. He helped charities. He took on the Children of Hutchence and Yates on her death. Nice guy. Till his little escapade on the Thames. His message wasn’t articulate or well argued but abusive. He attempted to shut down Mr Farage’s freedom to speak with sheer bullying.
Shortly after the vote Charlotte Church, who projects an angelic persona, put her head above the parapet on Twitter with some insulting comments on those who voted against her views. Needless to say response was instant and, I am afraid, less than complimentary. Honestly though, what did she expect? 17 million mumbled comments on the lines of “Sorry Ms”
The same could be said of many in this group. The consensus was that the stupid voters should be given a second opportunity to vote sensibly. Needless to say this just showed how out of touch these people are.
The real reason for all this bile is that the E.U. could be relied on to provide large grants to those working in these areas. They just sat in their insular, safe little worlds wanting nothing more than for this to carry on for ever. I would be more impressed if these grants went to startup companies for those with aptitude but little financial muscle.
16-25 year olds.
These were the most vitriolic of the groups. They have been robbed of their future, they love the E.U. The old people have ruined their lives. Old people shouldn’t get a vote because the future belonged to them. And yes, it shames me to say that many in this spoilt want, want, want generation said that older people should F**k off and die. Sadly, many of their grandparents had done exactly that so they could have freedom of speech.
And yet a mere 36% of this group actually took the trouble to vote.
Business leaders
Richard Branson. Nice guy, right. This nice guy, shortly after Ms may was elected, went to see her. He wanted to know how he could circumvent democracy and ignore the referendum. A few days later a legal challenge was launched by more of these arrogant undemocratic people. They all thought they knew better.
So Britain is divided. The lines are drawn. On one side are elitists and political groups who feel that the 17.4 million who won a better future are somehow too stupid to be trusted with democracy and those who feel they are so superior that they should slap us and tell us to try again.
On the other are those of us who have come to know that our government and many of those lucky enough to have done well in this wonderful country have no idea how the normal people feel and their aspirations. All we want is an elected Government, accountable to us at least once every 5 years. We do not want a federal state which rejects our right to be British and to decide for ourselves who comes into our family. If the E.U. was the utopia portrayed in the Media then I could understand why the groups above were so passionate. The truth is there if you dig deeper. Then again some are just happy to keep gorging at the trough while Britain slowly dies. Maybe we have changed all that, maybe Britain can be great again.
One thing more, note the banner in the above picture. “Without the E.U. we are nothing.” Two thousand years of history, great inventors, writers, philosophers and politicians. We had an Empire spanning the world which has resulted in the commonwealth a close knit family of countries tied by affection and mutual benefit. And yet, to these people, we are nothing without a jaded, self perpetuating, self serving autocracy. I am proud of my home and I am glad we voted to leave if our future is to be tied to a failing system advocating policies which are clearly not working.