My mind is too full of ideas and thoughts of future possibilities regarding our exit from the EU to write coherently as to my feelings. I voted for leave and many may hate me for that but, at the end of the day we all voted according to our conscience and make no apologies. Happily many agreed with me. I will no doubt write about this again.

Regardless of that I will say I love my country and it’s democracy.I am proud that my countrymen are still prepared to stand against their own politicians when they are not listening. Above all I love the fact that, in an age when apathy rules, there are still those passionate enough, on both sides, to take part in a debate like this.

Today I saw democracy in action. When the dust settles we will see the divides that were created healing. We will, as with all other changes, adjust to our new reality. We ARE a great nation. Today we proved it.