It has been a weird and wonderful few weeks health wise. You will no doubt know that I had a cataract operation recently. I am also having my kidneys investigated for issues with them. I thought that would be it.

These things are still ongoing and I have the follow up appointment for the eye surgery already. I also have a follow up appointment for the kidney thing in 3 months. So far so good. The other eye should be done in  a month or two restoring my sight.

Then my wife, who had been suffering form symptoms of a heavy cold suddenly developed a bad rash on her neck. We rang 111 (The British Non-emergency helpline!) Meantime I had developed spots similar to the picture above. They checked out my wife over the phone but seemed more interested in my spots.

I am assuming it was my existing  health issues, High blood pressure and several small infarctions  in the brain from 2008, that caused concern. I know they were worried about reaction to medication but my BP tablets I have been taking for years and the eye drops I have been using for two weeks before this, all with no problem. We were sent to an out of hours Doctor who seemed amused by all the fuss and declared that we both had a viral infections which would pass. This cost me £18 for taxis there and back.

Fast forward to Monday and Mrs Bot has an appointment with her G.P. to be on the safe side. She has Shingles. She is told to refrain from work for a week and I decide I need to talk to my G.P. Two days later I manage to actually speak to a doctor at my own surgery.

Now it seems logical to me, living in the same house every day, that my spots MUST have something to do with Shingles. Apparently shingles congregate in one section of the body and my rash is all over the place. The Doc suggests, despite us sharing the same house, that I have developed a viral infection completely unrelated to Shingles AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as my wife gets it.

I have an alternative theory. The N.H.S. website states that you cannot catch Shingles from a sufferer. You can, however, catch Chicken pox which is caused by the same virus. The more this goes on the more the spots I have resemble those caused by chicken pox. It is a viral infection and given the circumstances makes more sense than two independent illnesses developed in 1 house by a couple who are close to each other every day.

So now myself and my dear wife have been stuck at home for 4 days comparing spots. I thought about using a pen to join the spots and see what pictures emerge but all we can really do is wait for our respective rashes to go and then get back to normal.