This is what happened to me about a week ago. I have had 1 eye done, the other is scheduled for 6-12 weeks time. I am very pleased with the result. I have clear distance viewing in my right eye. The standard op as done by the British National Health Service only provides a fixed lens set for distance so I will need a pair of reading glasses afterwards.

Having said that my distance vision will allow me to drive and enjoy views again. I already walk with more confidence as I can see the path ahead clearly. I read/write for maybe a few hours a day while I require distance for the rest of the day. Reading licence plates and signs is a joy. In short reading glasses are a very small price to pay.

It might give you some idea of my previous vision if I show you this…..

The problem is (Or was!) that my old glasses no longer worked. My vision allows reading to an acceptable degree without my old close work glasses. It is not perfect but I will be able to correct this about two months after my next surgery by means of a simple eye test and prescription glasses.

My main problem lay in the fact that my computer was a total blur and my old pairs of glasses did not help. I couldn’t face months without writing and my tablet was no substitute so I put my mind to the problem. I took my old glasses and removed the lens over my right eye (The one that has been operated on.). That doesn’t do much, it is still blurred close up but it does mean the blurring is less. The left eye, which still has cataracts, is sill seeing things as in the picture. However the lens I left in my glasses was designed to help with this and allows me to see clearly enough to use my beloved old qwerty keyboard again. I can cut and paste to my hearts content.

I think that long periods of typing will result in a huge headache until I can get decent glasses but it allows me to express myself freely, and briefly (Much to your relief I think!)

I am looking forward to fully working eyes again but I am going to get some shades soon. The Sun can be very painful after two years of blurred and shadowy vision. I shouldn’t complain though, if I lived in the poorer areas of the world, eventual blindness would have been the inevitable result, so I count my blessings.