My posts lately have not been full of joy but a Blog is about expressing yourself, good and bad. I have a personality which occasionally bogs down in semi depression and it helps to write about it in (I hope!) a humorous way.

However it is time to try to  move on. I am basically a cheerful person and have been listing some reasons for cheer.

1. I am married to a lovely lady who puts up with me. She tries to fill all my needs and I do likewise.

2. While  I am not rich I am not destitute either and have some luxuries which others would love.

3. For every bad day there are 3 or 4 good days.

4. Food. I love my food.

5. I love the Autumn and Winter.

6. Maybe, just maybe, it will snow this year. I love snow.

7. I love Christmas, you will find this out nearer the time when I will mention it every 5 minutes. If it snows AT Christmas my cup runneth over.

8. I have 3 Grown up kids in whom I have great pride.

9. I have 2 Grandchildren who cheer me up all the time.

As Ian Drury said…..Reasons to be cheerful.

Reasons to be cheerful part 3

****Originally posted on my Blogger account in 2015. Still valid today.****