I know that many non Europeans, I.E.Americans, Australians, Asians etc. are having problems with the U.K. and this absurd (To those not directly involved!) idea that we want to leave the EU. Most Europeans are of similar mind. Why would we want to leave? I think it depends on your perception of the EU. I would like to explain why I have a problem with it and why I feel it is in Great Britain’s best interests to leave.

First you have to try to understand the mindset of the average Briton. We are not racist but in 2 major conflicts we stood alone against a Europe controlled by Germany. We are a proud independent nation and, like our American friends, value democracy. The EU claims to be democratic and indeed has a parliament of elected members. They vote on proposals from the European Commission. However many, myself included, feel that the commission, being unelected is not Democratic. Many feel differently.

I feel that you cannot please all the people all the time and 20 odd countries will never fully agree. They will certainly have different agendas. Some EU officers have openly spoken of their dislike for the U.K. The contempt with which we are treated was shown by the meagre concessions offered to us when the referendum on leaving was mooted. We are also perceived as a non team player because we have refused to join with directives before. We refused to join the Euro common currency and are resisting any moves towards further integration.

The fact is we can stand alone in many areas. We do not need a superstate and a common army. This does not endear us to those countries who definitely do need these things. The myth perpetuated those who wish to stay with Europe is that Britain cannot stand alone in many areas.

Security is one, the myth being that we will lose intelligence from Europe if we leave. This is frankly stupid. No one will refuse to share intelligence which could save life. In fact security will be reduced if we stay. The open borders policy will mean that, when Turkey joins the EU there will be a direct route from Syria (And ISIS.) to Calais a few miles from the U.K.. That is frightening. It is designed to allow for free travel but would allow free access to terrorists too.

Our dear Prime minister has tried to scare us by telling us that the E.U. is the only thing standing between us and a third European conflict. I think he shot himself in the foot on this one. it is totally unbelievable and has, I am sure, shown his other pronouncements to be as ludicrous as this one. We are founders of NATO, G8 and G20 with power of veto. These organisations are more than capable of looking after security.

Open borders and Migration is another issue. Imagine if you will that the U.S.A. has opened it’s borders to allow free travel from any country in north or south America (including Canada.), that anyone from those countries can migrate to U.S.A. without any paperwork apart from a passport. Imagine that many claim welfare as soon as they arrive. Further they take these benefits and send them to families still in the country of origin for years. Imagine the burden placed on the welfare budget.

In Britain we have free healthcare. They can use this too, as soon as they arrive placing strain on the infrastructure of the N.H.S. Other services become overwhelmed.

To return to our American analogy, now I would like you to imagine that the U.S.A. can make laws, but that directives from Canada would, as enshrined in the Greater American union constitution, be obligatory in the U.S.A. Any purely internal laws would need to be in line with GAU law. Furthermore all those countries who have had a chequered past with U.S.A. could vote on GAU  laws which would not be in their interest. For instance Mexico could vote (and persuade others to vote) to instigate a trade deal which would be very detrimental to the U.S.A. The TTIP deal currently being negotiated in Europe is seen as a way of slipping privatisation of the British National Health Service in by the back door.

All this is My opinion but there are other reasons I wish to leave. We were originally asked, in the 1970’s to vote for membership of the EEC (European ECONOMIC community.). There was no mention of losing sovereignty, common currency or common army. There was no mention of political integration. All this will be done with no mandate from us if we stay. If you wish to know how high-handed the EU is just look at the way Greece has been treated in order to be rescued from their financial woes. They have been made to fell like the losers in a war, a subject nation.

We are a great nation, we have the 5th biggest economy in the world and are quite capable of standing proud on the world stage. The EU need us more than we need them. I remember as a teenager being able to find a job with no trouble, indeed I was offered many. Now, since the migration began, there are 60-100 applicants for every job. We were paid according to worth. Now any job is paid at the basic minimum wage because migrants will work cheaply. In a capitalist nation that ensures that bosses would much rather employ migrants than British Citizens.

All this is opinion. There are those who feel that this is xenophobic nonsense. I have seen the effect of the EU and I do not like what it has done to the U.K. All I want to do is to persuade those who think we are mad to even think of leaving that there are some very valid reasons to wish to do so. I don’t think that the U.S.A would willingly sign up to the restrictions I have described and I am voting to leave. I hope this gives you some idea why.