menken-bow-arrowsSome might say that there is no such thing as an average man and this is true. We all have aspects of our lives that differ from the norm. I am the son of a shift worker at a paper mill and a housewife. My education was good but finished at 16. Yet I am fascinated by the medieval period and prone to writing novels which never seem to get finished. My current attempt will (I hope!) be finished eventually as I now have the time to throw at it.

So, though we are all individuals, certain social groups and those of a similar age tend to do the same things.

As an example, I am now 55 and like those of my age group my health is deteriorating. It is a slightly faster process than I would have liked but as far as blogging goes this sort of thing can be a minefield. I tend to write about anything and everything but I noticed a tendency last year to write about things which are quite boring if I had no major theme. I am sure you as readers would not want a blog which deteriorated into a list of my ailments and the hospital visits etc. designed to cure them.

So I am blogging again but only if I feel I am making an interesting point or my subject is of interest to others. I may include the odd funny anecdote about the wife bot, kiddie bots or grandkiddie bots but I definitely don’t want this to turn into a ‘Diary of a boring old fart.’

In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson

‘I’m back.’