Dear readers. Having spent an hour or two stripping wallpaper (Don’t you just love all the paper sticking to you and everything else, and your fingers sticking to each other.) Having decided that decoration is to be a gradual process (Look I don’t like decorating O.K.!!!) I have decided to spend some time filling you in with events recently.

Firstly I am nearly over the coldy, buggy thing so that’s good.

Unfortunately I had a fender bender in a hospital car park as well, so my insurance premiums will be going up next time. Having said that the cataract in my left eye will, eventually, cause me to give up driving (Temporarily.) so it may be best to do so when my insurance or MOT runs out.

As for the worlds woes I don’t feel like digging into that. Sky News is reporting that the U.K. is becoming more secular, though the word Athiest has not been mentioned. That is the most important issue today, at least as far as they are concerned so who am I to argue. Glenn Frey of the Eagles has died and this merits a mention from them and me, though I only enjoyed some of their music. Lyin’ eyes is one favourite so RIP Glenn. Musicians seem to be dropping like flies lately.

By far the most important issue for me is a thing which is gradually taking over my waking hours, and indeed some ‘Supposed to be sleeping’ ones.

You may recall my mentioning my sleepless nights when I was considering my next blog post. If you play close attention you may also recall that I am currently reading medieval murder mysteries. Sansom, Parris and Gregory form much of my entertainment as far as reading is concerned lately.

Many moons ago I started a Medieval Mystery of my own, but then I had not read these excellent tomes. I had read This one, though I am limited on buying books and buy most from charity shops. The three authors I have mentioned are simply more available there. These Athelstan books don’t seem to be available locally at all.

So back to the present. On reading these three authors the idea started forming in my mind that I could do this, indeed I had already started. Someone once said (Can’t remember who!) that everyone has a novel in them. So I dug out the very little I had written. Off I went. I sat here writing, coming up against an idea, wondering if that idea really tallies with Medieval history of the time, checking on the internet, wondering if my plot is just a little far fetched and trying to work out how to take it further while maintaining realism.

If I thought the sleepless nights I had over the blog were bad this is ten times worse. I will come up with a great plot idea, turn it over in my mind again and again and then, in the cold light of day, realise the obvious flaw in it.

If you are ever tempted to do this, it is not as easy as you think, specially if you want to be historically accurate. As a reader there are things in my reading that strike me as complete bull, excellent though these stories are entertainment wise. My latest books are more like  spy/murder thrillers and  are based in Restoration England. There are more comedic elements but I am unfamiliar with this period. Even so it is not coming across as a believable narrative. The spies are performing a literary slapstick, tripping over each other and with each suspecting all the others. It may just be an off book for the author Susanna Gregory but I have read many of her Matthew Bartholomew mysteries and they seem much more believable to me. As she is a Cambridge Academic (Not sure if this is in History as she was also a Coroners officer.) I must bow to her knowledge but she, and I, am much more comfortable with her medieval outings.

As this book is the first of her restoration novels I have read and the second in the Thomas Chaloner series, I must give it a chance and read the other two I purchased at the time. Meantime I can’t blame her or any other author in this field for shortcomings, given that I see no chance of my novel being published (There seems little chance, when I am wrestling with a plot device, that it will even be finished.). It is addictive though and I fully intend to carry on with it. You never know, some idiot blogger might be criticising my work for non-believability one day. If you want to write a book though, just bear in mind that it can be a full time job and ideas can come to you any time. And I do mean ANY time.

I must be off to knock out a few pages, see you in a week or two.