Given that each post on here takes an hour or two I have really not had much time to post here recently.

My health is better but Mrs Bot is demanding that the Bot flat needs decorating. I have just been to see my mother Bot, whose Positronic Brain no longer functions as it used to. She is in a good care home, but it is at some distance and the visit was long overdue.

Meantime the house continues to need cleaning as does our clothing. The food we eat still requires preparation. On top of all this my medieval murder mystery keeps interrupting me with plot lines at the oddest hours. When I start writing that whole days seem to vanish.

I still have issues to discuss with you, not least the appearance of a picture of a dead baby on my Facebook timeline. The animal who posted this had the nerve to suggest I was HATER if I did not like and share his disgusting post. These are, for those who do not know, often scams phishing for information or to hijack your account. I know this but my issue is with those who, through ignorance, share these things. I have now informed my friends that anyone helping to spread this disgusting rubbish will be blocked no matter who they are.

There are other issues on my mind, one of the foremost being what will happen if the ‘Mericans elect Mr Trump. I find that extremely worrying but these things will have to wait. Busy Busy Busy.

I hope to post tomorrow so for now.