I have been absent from my little blogette for far too long. The reason is quite simple, and the reason for the title. I have been suffering (Along with many others!) with a nasty virulent little bug which is like a cold/cough but seems to be lasting forever. I seem to get this at the beginning of the year so I am kind of used to it. The answer is brief exercise to get the old blood pumping, delivering the white cells to all the lurgy infected parts. That leaves me tired so then it’s coffee and a good book. Luckily Mrs Bot bought me additions to my collection of Susanna Gregory ‘Matthew Bartholomew’ mysteries The first is the one pictured, and very appropriate given the circumstances.

These are murder mysteries set around the 1340’s in Cambridge and the fledgling university. It seems historically accurate and is set during the plague and the fear that lingered for years afterwards. I have broken my cardinal rule and read these out of order but they may well be due a re-read in order now. That is if my 7 are the entire canon. I suspect more will be needed.

It did make me wonder if plague and disease were nature’s way of controlling the human race, to stop it over running the planet. Oh well, too late now. I also wondered how we would be faring now if a simple drug  had been available to the Doctors then. I felt the same about genocides and wars which annihilated whole racial groups and generations of young men. Horrible as they were, without them over population would be much worse now. As things stand there seems to be nothing much to check the rise in populations, though occasional attempts are made by the likes of Ebola and so on. Then of course there is the resistance of some germs to antibiotics. We shouldn’t be complacent. Nature may have more up her sleeve to punish those upstart apes. Imagine a super infection which laughs at antibiotics. Failing that maybe the planet will take things in hand. Disasters and storms are getting more common. I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. Until we have other viable options the Earth is still our only home and she’s a temperamental old girl.