Hi all.

Here we all are post-Christmas and all that pressure has resolved itself into a good, bad or indifferent Holiday. Personally it was a mixture of tension, occasional fraught moments but generally a good time was had by all.

As usual there was enormous pressure as we hosted the Boxing day family gathering. We wondered if we had enough food, we wondered if we would all get on, there being many clashing personalities gathered in our tiny flat. Once again the worry was for nothing and it looks as if we have snack food to last for months. Indeed we may have to throw things away, something we hate to do.

The TV companies didn’t seem to be in the Spirit of Christmas. Normally you can’t move for comedy and drama specials. I can only remember watching two.

So here we sit, once again back in our little domain and without the constant worry that has been the norm for the last month or so. I think all the presents went down well, everyone left well fed and happy. All in all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so I guess we got it basically right .

Somehow all the talk about Atheists sucking the joy out of Christmas or the endless memes about God and Religion seem so unimportant after the event. People will do what they wish, it doesn’t affect what I do, so good luck to them. Now we look forward to the New Year celebrations which tend not to be religious in nature and are therefore much less of an issue.

Meanwhile I have reading material, a new game for my XBOX and several adult toys (No not that sort!) to play with. My Timelines are full of BDSM memes and feuds between pressure groups. Ideas for future posts are already percolating through the immensity of the Megabot positronic brain. So, my friends, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you next year. I hope you enjoy what is left of the Holiday season.