Christmas is getting nearer and nearer so it is time for a post about the Big Man, Santa himself…..but which one? Well my simple answer is whichever one you want him to be. He does exist and he exists differently for each of us. this is simply because he exists in our mind. We all know what he is like to us. Chances are that his look will be based on certain things but more on that later.

It is a shame that todays children are bombarded by other people’s ideas of Santa. Every Christmas film has a different version. There are Santas in every shop and Mall. Some are realistic and some are laughable but the one thing we agree on is the red and white suit, the excess weight and the bushy beard. That’s Santa, right. Today’s kids are savvy though. They will find it harder to believe when they see poor quality Santa suits on Skinny youths, or are told via film that Santa lives in at least 15 different places. We have seen homicidal Santas, drunk Santas replacement Santas and missing Santas.

The list is endless, and the same applies to his wife, his reindeer and his elves. You do not truly believe in Santa until you realise that he is inside you and he is the Anthromorphic Personification (To quote Sir Terry Pratchett.) of everything good about the Holiday  season. You talk to him with the voice of a child and you hope that he will bring you what you need, not what you want. He does not concern himself with the baubles of a capitalist society but deals in hopes and dreams. When one of these wondrous presents happens that is the true miracle. Your family can buy you an Xbox or a trampoline but they cannot buy what Santa offers.

There have been various ideas of what Santa is like. Even a certain soft drink company has claimed to have invented his look. I do not intend to list all his different looks and names over the years but if that is what you want then you can find it all here. I was going to try to encapsulate these ideas in this post but there are simply too many to do so. You may find some of interest but I would be typing for hours.

I would rather tell you that my Santa exists, he exists in me and I try to let him work through me. If I want anything from him it is not material goods but continued health and happiness, and I trust that he knows what will achieve this. You can ask your Santa for material possessions but they will never make you happy.

And I believed in father Christmas
And I looked at the sky with excited eyes
’till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
And I saw him in his disguise

I believe in Father Christmas-Greg Lake. This song is the atheist Christmas carol.