Morning all, Not much to say today. By now I would be bending your collective ears about Christmas in all it’s guises. However I have woken up to severe neck and shoulder pain for the last few days. Typing exacerbates the problem as does, unfortunately, using a games controller. Thus two avenues of pleasure are closed to me. Luckily the rest appears O.K. and there are certain pleasurable activities still available. How you read that sentence depends on whether you have a dirty mind or not but sex is one of them. Murder mystery books and T.V. shows are another. Something of an odd juxtaposition but regular readers will know that The Bot is nothing if not Odd.

Till my next post (Things are better but still tender! Self diagnosis via the internet says rest and Deep Heat are good.) I will ask you to take a look at my  items for sale on Ebay. My page is Here Christmas is coming and I have a variety of DVD’s for sale. Probably only of interest to UK dudes but there may be something to your liking.

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like me to tackle feel free to suggest away, I usually have an opinion on most subjects. Thank you for all your support.