It has been a while since my last post, Mea Culpa.

There are several varied and not very interesting reasons for this, with which I shall now burst forth.

Saturday—- My Son, Having threatened to visit Bot Towers finally did so. Also in residence were my stepdaughter and her offspring. It was hectic to say the least. My son has a Degree in IT and I mentioned the problems I was having with my P.C. These were stopping me getting the free version of Windows 10. Long story short and all that, he sorted it and I got the little window icon in my taskbar which means you are an hour or so from the new OS. Errm no. we tried all sorts and I am no slouch IT wise. We had no luck and my boy went home.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent investigating. Eventually I found out that the old windows update issue I had years ago was preventing the download and the rest of Sunday I spent on the web and applying fixes which they said would help. God, appropriate deity or the fates knows how a novice would cope but I am not a novice and very stubborn. Late on Sunday the download actually started happening and to my surprise, completed a few hours later.

Monday was my lady Bot’s birthday and as she was having a long lay in I played with the system. No major problems till I tried a DVD (Faintheart). Wouldn’t play. More investigation followed and apparently the ability to play DVD’s has ben removed (Though the software claiming to do so was not perversely!). O.K. I know of an alternative player which worked. My IT occupations were curtailed by birthday related activities and today I really didn’t feel like it till this afternoon.

So far we have had a dirty DVD causing issues, an unexplained crash which actually turned the computer off and I had real problems turning it on again and finally I pulled up the WordPress site up in order to bore you with all my woes and it too had changed. The way to upload graphics was totally different, as was the look and feel.

While I am not as blown away by Windows 10 as I had hoped it is not too bad. Many HAVE had installation issues, me included, and I would hazard a guess that, like me, you will have hardware which may cause problems. If you use your PC as a DVD player you will need third party player software and you may also have familiar sites and software which will act completely differently.

The idea of apps for Facebook and Twitter are fun. The interface is confusing to start with but the old controls and configuration programs are still around. Be warned that you may have to go online to find them though. This is a whole new OS, the first not to be based on the old MS-Dos kernel, you can’t really expect it to be identical to WIN 7.

Think of it as a cross between a PC OS and one you would expect to see on a windows phone. Those with an XBOX would also find it familiar. You would be wise to have a friend with good IT skills. Like all new versions of Windows there will be teething troubles.

If you are not at all Tech savvy or do not really need it, even if you are quite happy as you are I would advise you not to bother. If your kit is not capable of dealing with it you will probably be informed during the upgrade. If you are like me though and cannot abide not having the latest everything go ahead, just be prepared to throw some time away sorting it’s issues and getting to know it.

Thank you for listening, I am off to investigate it some more.