Dear reader, it has been one of those days. I wished to transfer funds from my Paypal account into my current account and thus into a savings account. The transfer into the current account went well. Onto the post office account. I logged in. Opened the  request to transfer funds. Chose to do it with my debit card as it only took about 15 minutes last time. Believe me when I say the site is not intuitive at all so 15 minutes included searching through the links for the correct one and working out how to do it. I clicked make payment confident that I was (Given my previous knowledge of the method.) a few seconds away from completion.

My bank has a secure online widget that comes up on occasions like this. it is a matter of putting certain characters into the window and clicking continue. This time it asked me to register for the secure service. I was a little wary of this. As far as I knew I registered years ago. After a mild panic attack or two I filled in the requisite information (Having had to log into my bank site to get the info.) only to find there was no complete button to click on. Ten minutes later I confirmed that there was no way to send the information. There was only a ‘Return to account summary.’ Button which would effectively end the transaction. I even used the old standby of pushing the enter button with no result.

Thinking this was a one off glitch I tried it again with the same result (Another 5 minutes.). Being a trusting soul I tried again. You can guess what happened. Each took 5 minutes and by this time my dear wife needed a lift to work. Each time there was a nagging worry that my information had been sent and was now in the clutches of a big Russian mafia type. My only reassurance was that this secure widget did not ask for any details that could be used to withdraw money or use the debit card.

With my wife at work I returned to the problem, trying to set my account up as a nominated account on the post office site. Success. No! It allocated the bank details to the site but with no mention it was connected to my savings account. There was then a little note saying transfers could not be activated for 5 days, maybe the reason why it was not linked but it was worrying to say the least. Sensitive information has been logged onto my PC at least five times with little idea where it was going. I suppose not being able to enter the information in the widget was reassuring and my PC is in my living room and so it was unlikely a keylogger or other scam was in use.

O.K. Change of tack. My Bank site was offering a saver account so I could use the money to open a new savings account. I clicked the link and asked to set it up. The first window that opened was totally blank. Nothing but the bank logo at the top. I closed it and underneath was a new window thanking me for opening an account and my details would be sent by email. Now I am tech savvy and nothing much fazes me online but I was angry and confused now. Still I tried to open an account again, same result. The transfer was forgotten now, it was personal.

I went to the Post Office site again and tried the transfer but the same widget came up with the same lack of buttons. I didn’t fill anything in this time. Now I could take no more. I had wasted an hour and a half on a five minute job and the money was still in my current account where it will soon be swallowed up. My only clue is that both these transactions involved my Current account Bank (Nat*est) who have the technical expertise of a frog. I have now decided to give up for today. There must be a glitch somewhere so I will try tomorrow. Coffee and TV methinks.