So here we are again. Sunday. It’s a glorious day weatherwise, a crisp Autumn day but sunny. The day of rest. A special day.

But is Sunday really any different these days. When I was young it was a religious day essentially. That is to say that if you felt inclined to go to Church, Sunday was the day you went. There were those who went every week because they were deeply religious, those who went religiously (Pardon the pun!) because of their perceived social standing and some who went every few weeks out of some concept of cleansing themselves of sin. People went for all sorts of reasons but the majority of acquaintances only went a few times a year. Most only went for Births, weddings, and funerals. I am sure they all had some kind of beliefs but they didn’t involve Church.

Now only one person in my circle attends Church regularly on Sunday and has faith. A few of the people I know do have services for Christenings in a nod to the past and religion, usually in Church. Weddings are still celebrated but are more the province of the Register office. If they are celebrated in Church it is more about ‘Hey we can afford the full Church wedding.’ than about the marriage being based on religious beliefs. Funerals are usually at Crematoria with a token religious content.

So the idea of Sunday as a religious day is no longer true. But What about what we do choose to occupy ourselves with? In my younger days it was for visiting relatives or a trip to the seaside or the country.

This is still true but is no longer just true of Sundays. What about T.V.? There were usually T.V. programs specific to Sunday in times past. ‘Songs of praise’ from the B.B.C.’ was the token religious program, featuring Church Congregations singing Hymns. The few commercial stations had similar output. Mainly the highlight of Sunday evenings was a program of live or recorded entertainment featuring singing, comedy and specialty acts like ventriloquists. this was followed by Documentaries and news.

Now T.V. is usually the same on a Sunday as any other day. Even holidays feature the same tired formats. The only thing akin to the idea of Church is the delivering of  three hours of soap operas consisting of every episode from the week. The only new stuff seems to be for those who can afford premium channels. At least the Church was for all.

It is hard to believe but all shops closed on Sunday in my youth, as it was a religious day. That too is gone as greed becomes the new religion.

But above all Sunday was about peace, quiet and respect for your neighbours and the new ideal of ‘I do what I like when I like.’ has put paid to it forever.

I sometimes forget it is Sunday because it is so similar to every other day and that is sad.