A chance remark about the wonder of Christmas to a child has started the inexorable roll of my train of thought. Basically Christmas was a magical time to the young Bot but, as is normally the case when we are adults, it is no longer. Enjoyable, yes, but the magic just isn’t there, nor is the excitement of the build up. It seemed so unfair in the weeks leading up to it that we still had to go to school. The switching on of the local town lights was torture. Fun though it was singing carols and oooohing and aaaahing, there was still too much time till the day itself.

It was then that I began wondering if the machines don’t have it right. Reset to factory defaults. The ability to clear the memory and start afresh. it would mean all that learning to walk, talk, read etc. Ok Maybe not but I could selectively clear the memory of previous Christmas’s, and Birthdays.

This is of course total nonsense, we are what we are. But oh the joy if we could stare at a lit Christmas tree with all the joy of a child.