The above quote is true, go on any social media site and read the posts.

Sky news is reporting on Apprenticeships today. The premise is one I am in agreement with. Anything that is in plentiful supply will become devalued. Therefore if any school leaver can be got on an apprenticeship, regardless of their ability or suitability, then employers will use this for cheap labour. The employment figures will look good, employers can say ‘Look how we are helping employ young people.’. But then the time is up, they let the kids go and take on some more. The downside is that it is only a temporary fix, they will be on benefits again when the course is finished. All they will have gained is a bit of work experience, many complain they learn little. There was a scheme in the 70’s/80’s called the YTS (Youth training scheme) which was created for the same reason and failed to make a difference for the same reasons. It just gave everyone a grounding in certain jobs and if everyone has the same experience there is no advantage to it.

Then we have university degrees. Everyone now saves towards their children going to university and it seems accepted that all children will. In my day university was for the rich, which was wrong but you do need to be at a certain level of intelligence to do one. Now, however we send our children whether they want to or not. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are even able to do a degree. The inevitable result, if the universities are to maintain their reputation, is to make the course easier to pass. Many degrees are also considered easy options (Sociology, Entertainment and tourism.)  Result, the value of a degree is lowered. Furthermore, if a degree is common, it is no advantage in the job market.

The school leaving age in the U.K. was raised to 18 recently. This and the university/apprenticeships schemes are designed to do one thing. To massage the unemployment figures. There is little value in them and they certainly don’t raise educational standards, in fact the kids, through no fault of theirs, are not encouraged to try too hard. They seem to be bought up in a ‘Nobody is allowed to lose’ scenario. But surely a setback or two is character building. Or maybe I am just a miserable old git. I do see peoples opinions on social media expressed in terms of swearing and/or faux imitation of other cultures. But you will find precious little constructive argument or original thought.