I have mentioned several times about how my luck, such as it is, goes in cycles (Good then bad then Good!). I cam currently in a bad cycle but I thought it was coming to an end. How wrong can you be.

I went to see my mother in her care home. We had as enjoyable time as possible and returned to the car. It was parked with the wheels at an angle which allowed me to check the tyres. I had checked them when I bought the car and they had been replaced just before that by the previous owner. They were in good condition. Imagine how shocked I was to find they were now smooth on the inside rim. After a 1/2 hour drive home I took them to the tyre place and had them replaced at a cost we can barely afford. Once again I had, it seemed, been shafted. The tyres were both down to the metal layer and could have blown at any time. The previous owner had had new tyres but neglected to check the tracking. The tyre guy told me, rather condescendingly I thought, that the tracking was quite spectacularly out and this would explain  the rapid wear.

Needless to say I resent paying for that mistake but at least the car is safe. It was this that made me consider this bad luck thing. Rather than considering the bad luck of having to spend money we really can’t spare, maybe I should think about the good luck of checking my tyres before they blew, possibly at high speed. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining.