I am not normally a great one for admitting I am under the weather. I am not normally ill, beyond the effects of the stroke and other permanent problems. The weather here is that awful damp greyness so typical of Britain at it’s worst. Altogether not the happiest of days.

For the last few days though I have had a backache which makes movement painful and my moods are up and down. Even turning over in bed is painful and I wake myself up 3 or 4 times a night. This exacerbates the mood swings and leaves me short tempered. Normally the idiots on Facebook are eminently ignorable but today I find myself railing at how infantile some of them are. They think themselves so cool with their rudeness and swearing or the casual sexism and racism (Black and white are equally guilty!!!!) It says so much about the moral decline of the world that these people with their amoral attitudes are actually proud of these childish posts. What happened to self respect.

You can see where I am mentally today so I will leave you with this thought. No matter how dark it is today, tomorrow may be bright. I hope so.