These images, randomly selected from  a search for Soft Porn Video covers from the 70’s, have one thing in common. There are no genitals on view (Well maybe a nipple.). Yet these images mange to get across the idea that the films were wall to wall porn. Even Hollywood films had erotic sequences working on the same basis. I have  posted on this subject previously but have thought more on it since.

Gentle reader I am a red blooded male, and I am au fait with porn of all kinds. If this offends you please ignore this post, I would rather you read my other posts in which I discuss my many other interests. Still with me? Then I’ll begin…..

I began watching video’s and reading magazines as a teenager. The permissive sixties had gone and to be honest were not all that permissive anyway, seen from a small town perspective. Porn was still the preserve of one or two people who bought them from abroad and charged others to watch them and the London cinemas of Soho did a roaring trade. As I have intimated though that was before my time.

In the 70’s and particularly with the advent of the VHS, porn came to the masses. Cinemas did show Soft Porn Films, but these were the province of the ‘Dirty Raincoat’ Brigade. I did go to a few and I watched more later in the 70’s and 80’s. on video. They all had a storyline which evolved slowly. The sex consisted of slow seduction, slow removal of clothes and (Very often simulated!) intercourse. Watch ‘Love Actually’. Two of the characters meet while simulating sex for a film.

One scene sticks in my mind particularly. It is from from ‘Keep the British end up’ a 70’s film. The sex is so obviously simulated, the lover unseen, yet it is incredibly erotic. As I said in my previous post it is because you have to use your imagination.

Slowly this form of video became less and less about story and what was hidden, seduction suddenly began to mean a quick kiss while clothed and then the actors were suddenly naked and ‘At it.’ The innocence of simulated sex was no longer acceptable.

In this time consumerism, and the dumbing down of life began and is now almost complete. We demand what we require instantly be it food, drink, T.V., Internet or sex. You should not have to work at all to get what you need. In many cases the viewer would not even understand why the feast should not begin instantly. Seduction and undressing would seem like a waste of time.

Should you be inclined to search for Porn on the net you will see short videos, instantly plunging into hard core sex and with no story or raison d’etre.There is no explanation of how this encounter started, no seduction. If you get a DVD it will be the same, launching into one or two hours of nothing but wall to wall sex. If what I am saying rings a bell with you, I guess you are of a similar age and you probably agree.

I enjoy the fact that there is underwear hidden beneath a skirt and top. It is obvious that the lady is wearing stockings or tights but which, hold-ups or suspenders. Is her bra thin lace or soft cotton. Is she wearing ultra sexy panties or plain cotton. Imagination takes over.

Given the subject matter, and despite the graphic nature of the action in modern porn there is nothing for the imagination. It has very little for me, I find it boring and with little excitement. It is almost sexless.

My kind of sexy, more for the imagination to work with.