Today I did battle with the government via one of their contract companies. Their name appears in the Cartoon. If you know who they are then you know why I was there. The cartoon also shows that they have a reputation for declining certain benefits. The gist is that the government uses this company to cull claims in line with austerity and benefits cut policies.

By now you will no doubt have guessed that I am applying for one such benefit due to the stroke I suffered, which is now giving me major problems. You will also have guessed that I hold out little hope of attaining said benefit because of this reputation.

However I don’t wish to dwell on this side of things because it depresses me. Instead I wish to focus on the Human beings who work for this company. In all honesty I was expecting a 25 stone, fire breathing ogre/ogress. I was prepared for a light to be shone into my eyes while someone beat me with a big stick. At the very least I expected water boarding.

Imagine my surprise on seeing a petite nurse, very quietly spoken and often breaking into a genuine smile or chuckle. I was even more surprised when she seemed very sympathetic and quietly explained what the assessment was about. We even chatted, admittedly small talk but calming nevertheless. She also explained that she was NOT the decision maker. Now I don’t know whether she has instructions to put a negative report in or whether she fell for my charms and is recommending I am kept in the greatest luxury forever. I suspect the former.

I don’t deal well with authority, they make me nervous but this lady was not that type at all. We all feel we must hate anyone in this kind of position and I am sure that there are some that will happily reject 95% of claims. They are still human beings and I think that the reason they attempted to cancel my appointment twice is something we are all suffer from-Sickness through stress.

While this appointment was far from comfortable it was made much more so by this lady who seemed genuinely to enjoy  meeting me and I her. Maybe the ones who are not like this have a reason. Maybe it is because they are constantly lied to, and maybe abused verbally or physically. My claim may be disallowed but at least I know that I do not blame the woman who is, after all, trying to do a difficult job for which many would be predisposed to dislike her. And if the claim is not allowed the blame must lie with our government who allow banks to commit crime, cut taxes for the rich and make sure that the money comes from the poorest in society. Given the alternative I cannot see that changing soon