This is a kind of answering post to My son, whose maiden post was about he nature of order and chaos, and can be found HERE.

First, the human is an evolved animal that got lucky. Therefore his brain is designed for working out the best way to get some food and still stay alive and upright. This is now being used to work out total abstracts like time and space. Or indeed order and chaos. We are lucky we are able to understand such concepts, much less try to manipulate them.

So can you impose order on Chaos. Ask all those who have tried to impose their will on a given group of people. Ask Hitler or any other dictator. Ask Dolores Umbridge, except you can’t ‘cos she’s fictional.

If she weren’t she would tell you that the more rules you try to apply, the more resentment you create. Not logical but true. So we can’t even control our fellow man, Humans are just too unpredictable and such efforts at control never succeed for long. You are only strong until a stronger individual or group take you on.

On a personal level you may wish that you could make decisions based on how given individuals will react or whether they mean what they say. Well one day we may become telepaths and then you may be able to. Till then, what people are thinking will remain hidden behind what they say. The trick is to use experience of previous situations and similar people to find out what they are likely to do. Control it isn’t but you get better with age.

On a global scale you would fail because you cannot control all the variables. Let us suppose we wish to impose order on the weather. We understand some things which can be altered to achieve this aim, some involving our much loved digital technology. But the Planet is one great analogue machine which has been evolving ways of ensuring that no life form can gain the upper hand for millennia. The weather is part of that. A tornado kills thousands of people. Very sad but maybe a way this chaotic planet Earth ensures it’s own survival against the upstart child that is Man. Mankind could be thought of as something like an infection on the planet, and it in turn is using it’s chaos weapons to control the disease..

We could impose order if we wished but we would have to understand every bit of the Earth’s software and the cause of every natural disaster, the exact mechanisms of disease and mutation of disease and most of all the purpose of the planet. We may discover that we are not part of that purpose or even that we are parasites stopping it from achieving that purpose.

I do not really believe that but I do think we, the Earth and indeed the Universe have a finite lifespan, that we are part of a chaotic system and that imposing order on such a system is impossible. It is a conceit that we have any kind of control on a large scale. We can impose some kind of order on our own lives, to ensure that we are shielded from the chaos around us. That is the best we can hope for. We don’t understand a tiny part of the planet’s abilities so how can we hope to control it. It would be like a Neanderthal trying to understand the workings of a supercomputer.

One last thing, many think that power and money are a way of exerting influence and control. If you are up against a Tsunami or Earthquake you will find just how illusory that influence and control is.

So all in all, you will never achieve control personally, over others and globally. The system and all it’s components are based on chaotic subsystems which are, by their very nature unpredictable.