Hello all.

For some time now I have been running this blog alongside another one HERE. However after the first flush of blogging when the ideas came thick and fast I now actually give some thought to posts and actually search for ideas among news items, social media and events or historical events in my own life.

I feel I should Blog on a fairly regular basis but it is difficult finding subjects for two blogs. I Blog to help with the health and personal issues I have mentioned before so Stats are not essential but it is nice to know that you are read and, to be honest, it is becoming a regular event to have no page views at all. On the other hand my Blogger site has generated more views in the short time it has been running than this one has in weeks. I can only assume that my style and content is of less interest to WordPress readers than Blogger ones.

It is obvious to me that I should now concentrate on the Blogger site. I may post on this one less regularly but essentially this is a farewell and a thanks to all those who have read my posts.

I hope to see some of you on the Blogger site so here is the link again— My Blogger site