Dear reader I avoid political blogs like the plague. It is a sure way to p*ss of your readers and alienate potential punters. On this occasion I do feel the need to speak, and consequently will keep it shortish.

Those of us who lived through the 60’s and 70’s will remember the CND and Unions seeming to control the government of the day. They will remember the Nationalised Railways, The Electricity Board and the Gas board. There were endless strikes. There were Very militant Miners.

They will remember that Labour spent a long time in the political wilderness because all these things eventually made them unelectable. It took Blair and New Labour before they became credible again, with policies which were at least workable.

Gordon Brown Scuppered New Labour with left wing ideas and spending he could not sustain.

Ed Milliband tried to raise New Labour from the dead in Opposition but, given the mess we inherited from the last Labour Government, had no real hope of success.

Now I am sure Jeremy Corbyn is a firm believer in the policies he espouses. I am not a Labour fan, My politics are UKIP, therefore they couldn’t be more different to Labour. That said I do follow politics and I am feeling really sorry for the Middle and right in the party. I can only think that the rank and file are now younger and have never experienced all this. Consequently the scrapping of a nuclear deterrent, The scrapping of all border controls, the lure of ‘Red Flag’ politics and workers rights must seem very alluring if you never saw the consequences of the last attempt.

Any attempt at left wing politics cannot help but fail. We as animals are a competitive species and the idea is entrenched in our psyche that hard work leads to more and better rewards. Communism has failed everywhere it is tried. I grew up with the U.S.S.R. being the enemy, now it is fragmented and has adopted Capitalism of a kind.

As far as Mr Corbyn is concerned, 90% of Labour M.P.s did not vote for him and know his policies are not going to win them the next election. If Milliband could not get elected with middle of the road policies what chance does a left wing party stand. Very little I suspect. 2015 is the year labour attempted suicide again. Whether they have succeeded remains to be seen but I don’t think Corbyn will ever be prime minister.