Good morning dear reader. The weekend beckons and we are having a warm spell before Autumn slips slowly into winter. That is good news and I hope you have a great weekend.

One thing is slightly disturbing though. Normally, in the U.K. if not elsewhere, everyone complains that the shops stock up on Christmas stuff in October/November and advertising  toys and so on starts at about the same time. It is annoying to be bombarded with this stuff for two months, So much so that the holiday itself is doomed to mediocrity compared to the promise of the advertisements and our expectations. This has been happening for many years. The focus of Christmas is no longer religious. It begins with the first showing of the ‘Holidays are coming.’ Coke advertisements and is measured by how much time you get off work and finding everyone the perfect present. The victuals provided must be like this….

……despite the fact that there are only 4 of you and most of it will go to waste.

O.K. I know that I sound like Scrooge but I love Christmas, I really look forward to it. It just starts way too early and devalues the holiday itself. Often the anticipation leads to big disappointments.

Then there is the idea that Christmas weather means snow. I have seen 1 white Christmas in 54 years and that was a tiny amount, not even 1cm deep. This idea came from the Victorian era when we were in the grip of a mini ice age. More often now the Holiday is Sunny or Grey and dreary.

So I Love Christmas but don’t like the commercial side and the idea that we want to start it in October. This brings me to my main point (At last!!! I hear you scream.).

I have seen 1 or 2 Posts on Facebook along the lines of ‘Annoy your friends share this..’ followed by a Christmas image with ‘Only xxx days till Christmas.’

Now this is O.K. as a joke but I have seen many of these, some as long ago as May. Now people are dropping the pretence of a joke and actually posting Christmas images. It is September, there are still 4 months to go, give it a rest.

My wife has a Birthday in November, normally Christmas is a forbidden subject till it has passed but even she is affected. She has mentioned it herself, several times.

So how is it, when we complain about the commercial exploitation of the Holiday, that we are now doing exactly the same thing ourselves? Are we so tired of our drab lives that we need to remind ourselves that we will get a few days off in December while the summer is still technically in force? Are we so depressed that we must remind ourselves that better times, no matter how remote, are on the way?

In my childhood the local Christmas lights were switched on about 2 weeks before the big day and you started wetting yourself with excitement. Before that there was little mention of it. The day itself was magic.

But if we start looking forward to it now and the anticipation builds over two months or more, then the day cannot hope but be a disappointment in comparison to the build up.