Yet again I have suffered a broken nights sleep. Went to the bathroom at stupid o’clock and that was it. Wide awake for 2-3 hours.

Now while I will agree that the axeman thing is a bit of an exaggeration, all your negative emotions, anger, paranoia, depression etc. are much more pronounced during those wakeful, dark hours.

So when you wake up things get better, right? Well not for me. It leaves you quick to anger, quick to misread the comments of those around you. You suffer from apathy. The simplest task, Blogging for instance, becomes a mountain you have to climb, though Blogging does help with the emotional thing! It is cumulative and I have had 3 or 4 instances in the last few weeks, Luckily at the moment they are spread fairly evenly giving me a chance at recovery between.

I do have one extra problem, Sleep apnoea. Ironically the CPAP machine used by sufferers is supposed to stop you waking many times an hour due to blocked airways. See this . Now I am grateful for the permanent loan of a CPAP machine which prevents the sleep/wake/sleep/wake cycle, but when you are having a bout of insomnia lasting several hours there is a problem. Normally when wearing a CPAP mask you would be asleep, it’s what they do. Now imagine if you will dear reader, laying wide awake, angry and frustrated and having to wear this in case you should actually drop off.