After my last blog yesterday I picked my wife up and was told that there was overtime at her work, so this morning I have an unexpected couple of hours free. Having no thoughts whizzing around my normally crowded mind I thought I would just type semi randomly and see what crops up. Normally me and my dear wife are pretty apathetic over the weekend but when she works it’s all change and she has trouble winding down.

On top of this a combination of lingering problems with my sleep apnoea mask and a need to do some……erm……bodily waste disposal jobs several times in the night has left me a bit like the lady above.

Maybe I should explain a little about our rather different household arrangements. I worked all my adult life , and for a number of years my wife stayed at home. She hated housework (And still does!) and eventually she went to work as well. The housework got done on an as and when basis.

Then the health problems began.

First, 8 years ago I had mega high blood pressure for a long period (200/190 was a typical reading!) and was told I was lucky not to have died as a result. I had a failed marriage, my 2nd wife found it being hard being step parent to my kids as did I to her daughter. There were work issues and I tended to worry about everything so it wasn’t surprising that the old BP was through the roof. I started medication but a few months later, and presumably as a result of the BP issues, I had a stroke. At the time I seemed to recover and got off very lightly. My family are prone to these, my grandfather had 6, I should have taken it more seriously but tried to carry on as if nothing had happened. My leg was stiff and unreliable when I was tired but that was about it.

I lost my job at 51 and for a few years attempted (unsuccessfully) to obtain another. Unwilling to go on benefits I was self employed for 2 years but that never made money. It was, however, at this time that I began being a house husband while my wife worked. I did briefly work at a local company at the beginning of this year and it was at this time that something that had become apparent over the last year came into focus.

I had for some time felt tired easily and my left leg often let me down. I began to have memory issues, irritability and depressed periods. I fell over a lot and tended to stumble into things. When I took this full time job I could barely lift my leg when walking and once I was seated had a hard job getting up again. I slipped several times while showering. In general it became obvious that the stroke had caused long term problems.

Recently I began exploring these issues with my doctor. The problems have become much more noticeable of late so he  sent me to a physiotherapist regarding my leg. He could find no Physical issues and it didn’t even address the mental problems but has sent a letter to my doctor requesting a Neurology referral. He also raised the point that maybe there had been another minor stroke or T.I.A which would go unnoticed as I already had the symptoms, and which would explain the sudden increase in severity of those symptoms.

I am also in the process of trying to get financial help. I have put off doing so in line with my reluctance to become reliant on benefits but I need to pay for medication and a car is gradually becoming essential to get around. Pride is well and good but doesn’t pay the bills. My lovely lady has supported me so far and continues to do so but it is a great strain.

I realise I have rattled on and I apologise but this goes some way to explaining why I have so much time to blog and seem to be so domestically oriented. It also helps to talk even via this strange method.

When my wife gets home she will wish to do something which has become a ritual, the trawling of the Charity Shops. It began as a way of obtaining stock during my self employed days but it is amazing what you can get in the way of books, dvds and clothing from these shops. All are at much less than retail prices.

I will stop bending your ear dear reader and thank you for listening. I do wish to finish by thanking my lovely wife for her support during the last few years.