I am sorry if you came to this blog expecting me to discuss pornography or explicit sexual images because of the tag ‘Erotic’. If you take most webmaster’s view of things then the word ‘Erotic’ covers anything from explicit pornography to adult literature.

I have a different view. To me erotic means sexually titillating without being overtly sexual. I guess I see it as a kind of innocent sexuality of the kind exhibited by Marilyn Monroe or Betty Paige.

Betty Paige

To me nothing personifies this than the pin up. Usually pictures of young women, they feature them in various non erotic situations, but which have, due to circumstances the young woman is unaware, of become erotic.

The above has it all. Stockings (So I am British, we love stockings.). The accidental pinning of the girls dress to the target, the hint of her panties and the look of innocence. Above all you never know if she knows exactly what she is doing. O.K. It’s a picture but you get what I mean.

American pilots had the idea nailed too. Nose art on U.S.A.F bombers and fighters were exactly what I am getting at, if a little more overtly sexual than most. These guys could die at anytime so they went into battle with a mascot that took the Pin-up to a whole new level.

There are precedents in art long before the 20th Century.

The above all have elements of the pin up about them. I have not researched the actual paintings but I would guess that they were considered racy in their day.

I am of a considerable vintage (Getting on a bit!) but I would rather look at an image that has eroticism but also a quality of innocence. I also feel this way about film and other media. You watch an explicit video and you get what you see. Watch something like a Hammer film of the 70’s, though, and it is full of sexual themes and images but leaves much to the imagination. I have a good imagination.

Imagining what would go on when they got to the castle led the younger me to areas of speculation which it would be best not to share.