The house on the right was my home from birth to age 11. It had four rooms, two up two down. There was a fire in 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs room. There was no central heating and no hot water. The lavatory was outside. My parents, sister and I lived here till she turned 13. After this we could not share a room and moved to a house with all the modern luxuries.

I don’t know if it was the stress of moving but my father died shortly afterwards leaving me devastated.

For me this old house had more character than any I have lived in since and this was where I learned the importance of the family.

We used to buy sweets in the shop next door and spent many hours sitting on the front wall people watching.

In 1972  the whole thing was demolished to make way for a car park but now sheltered accommodation has been built on the site. This picture ensures I remember this most happy place.

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