So here it is, August Bank holiday Monday. Long awaited, hot summer day and loads of events organised, Smell of Barbeques and Beer.

But hey this is Britain and it’s raining, was kept awake all night by a storm rumbling around and we awoke tired and fed up. Looks like a day of TV, with no real change from normal Monday programmes. You would think a James Bond film but no!

So what the hell. Wife is watching a property program so a blog beckons. As it happens the restless night has left me with several ideas percolating. As I have been doing this for a week now I thought I might blog about blogging.

I think many people doing this for the first time have very specific ideas about what a blog is and may even feel it isn’t for them.

“But blogs are for Journalists, politicians and comedians, People with something to say.” They postulate. I felt the same way. Would anyone be interested, would I be typing to myself. Luckily I quickly kicked into ‘Don’t be so silly’ mode and realised that I could waste my time if I wanted to.

The status of blogging does seem to be beyond the common man, though, and the idea of writing for pleasure would only seem to appeal to someone who is above average intelligence. The updated Sherlock Holmes series ‘Sherlock’ involves John Watson blogging his observations of Holmes cases, again implying that blogs are not for the Hoi-polloi .

This is a shame as many who take to micro blogging on social media could expand the ideas expressed immensely with a blog, I tend to blog at least once on weekdays but it really only needs to be a random thing. Add to this the therapeutic aspects for people like myself, with a lot of time and a tendency to worry if my mind is not occupied, or those with specific issues who need a platform. Admittedly there are non techies, people who cannot write or have no interest in writing or those with no interest in cerebral activities but for the average person blogging can be fun. I have ideas buzzing around all the time and it is great for me.

Reading others blogs is a good thing too. You cannot hope to understand yourself, or indeed to understand others if the things they do or their motives for doing them are unknown to you.

Blogging is also for those who are lonely. You don’t have to be a people person and there isn’t all the embarrassment of awkward social situations. As long a you are not afraid it utilise the internet to take things further with kindred spirits you can meet new people. I have posted before and there is the danger of seeing the PC as a wall between you and others thus isolating you further so there is a danger there. However, for the lonely, once they make contact with others on the blogging site they will realise just how it can open up their world.

So for me a blog is a forum in which you can Rant, Socialise, expound your views on all sorts of issues, meet like minded people, find others who share anything from taste in art to sexual preferences and lifestyle. Even if you only use this as a diary of sorts and no one ever answers you are expressing yourself but hey, there may be some really friendly people out there. Why not give it a try?