I know that there are those who see themselves as guides to what it is safe for us to be exposed to, indeed it is a long tradition that those better educated and morally superior to us should do so. Normally I read what I like and let them imagine they have any effect at all on my reading and the media I expose myself to.

Of late that gentle giant of modern literature, Sir Terry Pratchett has become the only author whose books must be on my bookshelf as soon as possible. His books were funny, philosophical without being patronising, a stunning allegory of various institutions and whose characters endeared them selves to you book after book.

Sir Terry was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers but still continued writing his delightful novels for many years. Unfortunately he died on 12th March this year.

He did leave one last book , the Shepherds Crown which was released recently.

Enter one Jonathan Jones of the Guardian, who took the opportunity to tell us that he, despite having never read a Pratchett book, judges them not to be great literature. This on the basis of having flicked through one a few years back. I will not dignify his comments with a  link because he obviously did this as a cheap way of generating clicks on his blog without making a lot of effort. The implication is that we should accept his view of a man who has come from nothing to being one of our top authors, and instead read only those classics with only long words and endless prose, most of which are a grindingly boring read. More to the point it should be an author he recommends in order to properly educate the underclass.

It is not the sheer arrogance of the man, assuming that we still need our lords and masters to tell us what to read, nor the fact that he has assumed that the morons Sheep public will just go along with him. After all he has a degree and is paid vast sums to patronise us advise us what to read for our own good that annoys me.

Nor is it the poor man is not around to defend himself, thus branding Mr Jones cowardly as well as arrogant. His own colleagues , many of whom have degrees too, have refuted his views.

No , what gets to me is this arrogant idiot sees us still as the uneducated underclass who must be protected and have our reading matter censored by our lords and masters. After all they know best don’t they?

Well Mr Jones, there is this thing called the Internet. On the Internet are a lot of intelligent people and they have their own tastes in books. Many of them , when they feel patronised by a dinosaur who thinks a degree entitles him to lord it over them, will take to social media and blogging sites and tell him so.

Cheap shot Mr Jones, very cheap. And don’t tell me what I should think you arrogant arse.