My Nemesis

I am, at the age of 54, a secret gamer. I have an elderly xbox 360 and enjoy Assassins Creed, Batman series and Dark souls. I am not brilliant at them, with my health issues, but I could hold my own.

Now though there is a trend that could kill my game playing activities. In many games, the first boss fight was a way of easing you into the game. They were difficult, but after a while, practice and tips on the internet enabled you to beat them.

I play both Dark souls games, well known to be frustrating and annoying, indeed designed to be so but still I progressed.

Then came Batman (Arkham Origins.) First boss fight was hard but completed after a few goes on normal difficulty. Then I came up against boss 2 ‘Deathstroke’ Bear in mind that this is just 16% in, I was beaten again and again and again. I read tips but still only got halfway through before the inevitable. Eventually after being killed hundreds of times I started the whole thing again, building XP and levelling up 50 times or more. Feeling I was now much more formidable I went after him, only to be defeated in exactly the same way. The problem was that you do minimal damage to him no matter what you try while any strike on you wipes huge amounts of XP from you. The end of the fight particularly, when he is armed with a Katana requires only a couple to hits to kill you. After another frustrating week I tried my last strategy, and something which I don’t do lightly. I re started the game in easy mode. Again I went through the first part of the game which was thoroughly boring by this time and got back to Deathstroke. I was looking forward to wiping him out and discovering what lay beyond but guess what? Whilst marginally easier (I now got about 3/4 through the fight.) he still much more damage with a strike than you and the Katana still kills with a few hits.

To add insult to injury you have to listen to a bragging cut scene each time you die, over and over again.

Now I have gone back to my older games. I will keep this game. Many people on the internet agree that this fight is almost impossible and have given up. I am hopeful that the programmers may release a patch to sort this out. I will try in a month or two but if nothing has changed this game will be gone and no more of this series will find room on my shelf.

More importantly, if the idea of putting this kind of Boss near the beginning of the game continues I may stop gaming altogether. I started gaming after I had a stroke to help keep my mind active. The idea of a game is to immerse myself in a fantasy world but this type of fight stops you progressing further than a few hours into the experience.

Then again, not all games have bosses.