Last night was one of those nights. I suffer with sleep apnoea and so use a CPAP mask and machine. This fits around the head, with the mask covering the nose. It delivers constant air pressure to keep the airways open.

I sleep O.K. normally but go to perform the usual offices at various times. Yet once in a while I come back and lay down and my mind betrays me by starting to think about random concepts. Last night it was about the nature of fame in this fickle world and I still intend to write on this because it irks me that fame is so devalued.

Then came the side effect of the mask. I always readjust it on returning to bed. If you wear one you will know. Unfortunately I think an unknown allergen gets in or maybe the constant pressure causes a reaction when released. The result is the same, sneezing and the symptoms of a cold, while the machine blows air into my clogged nostrils, fighting to clear the airways, not nice. All this and the mask was feeling like a metal cage round my head.

I woke at 3 originally and by 4.30 had decided, as I usually do, to get up and read. My wife awoke at 5.30 and got ready for work. At this point I thought I might as well get back to bed. Though I did manage to get a couple of hours it was full of disjointed dreams which left a vague disquiet on waking. Of course I remember nothing of them now.

As a result of this, when I started the steam engine that powers my ancient and beloved PC I came up with absolutely nothing. All that heated thinking in the wee small hours gone, to be replaced with a creeping apathy. The only thing left in my mind was the sequence of events leading to this condition. I promised myself to blog each day if possible and if that was all that was in my mind that would be what came out.

To leave you dear reader with a positive, I did manage to read a fair chunk of  the excellent “Heartstone” by C. J. Sansom while I had some peace and quiet.

This happens rarely so normal service should be resumed tomorrow.