Well it was O.K. to start with but experience has taught me to be wary. It was hot here yesterday so I and my lovely wife ventured forth early to avoid the worst of the heat. It was very humid too. We parked and went shopping. There was a mix up over how much we fed the parking machine but we are normally ready for home after two hours so I ignored it. You know what’s coming next don’t you?

We visit the local Charity shops because there are some great bargains to be had and we often find the books and DVD’s/Cd’s we want at miniscule prices. At the same time we laid in a supply of weekend goodies. When the heat became unbearable we mutually agreed home was a good idea.

Two hours and 20 minutes later we return to find a nice parking attendant ticketing my car. Turns out that my wife had thought £2.50 would be 4 hours. But our local and very greedy council does not work on a flexible system and indeed charges for Sunday parking, despite a terminally ill High Street. 2 hours is 1.50, 4 hours is £3 and we had paid £2.50. Because we paid over the odds for 2 hours and not enough for 4 the extra £1 was ignored and we got 2 hours.

Yes it was an error, yes technically we offended. I have appealed using my best joined up ‘ritin. Yet would it be beyond the local council to using a sliding scale or even one of those machines that uses an in and out card reader. They will decry the cost but the system is geared to your registration (Neatly avoiding handing your parking ticket to another mug as you left, which is what used to happen!). It also offers no opportunity to state how much time you want. If you do not have change for the exact time any extra is taken but not reflected in extra parking time until he next level is reached.

I thank you for listening to my rant.

The rest of the day was OK but we are always irritable and snappy in humid weather. We work around it. Today we are determined to avoid stress. It feels cooler and less humid. A coffee is about to be placed in my eager hand. So far, so good……………