The title of this blog reflects my thoughts as to why I am doing it. All writers want to be read and of course I would love you all to be hanging on my every word. If I am realistic I know that the only one who will see this are the few kind people who have followed me and myself.

So why do we blog? I ask. For me certain things in my life are not as I would wish, particularly lack of money and not being able to do what I would like to do because of it.This is exacerbated by the fact that I have lots of leisure time to dwell on it. So reason 1 is to fill up my time with something worthwhile.

I also want to explore interests and things that appeal to me with others, such as this series of books:-


They are a series of Medieval thrillers which read like a modern day mystery but in the rich world of the England of Henry VIII.

That, of course is far from the sum of my interests. They are wide and varied. I enjoy discussing many things and very little is taboo with the exception of certain darker areas of human sexuality. I have had three children and two grandchildren and believe childhood innocence to be a sacred trust. I hope enough has been said on that.

So the second reason for this blog is to hope that  others will read it and discuss anything in it which is of interest.

I am also a social creature and hope that this may eventually lead to discussions with others who would not normally come within my sphere. The internet (With the exception of Shopping, Advertising, criminal activity and (To a certain degree.) explicit pornography which tends to take the eroticism out of it.) is a wonderful thing allowing us to reach other countries and cultures. So thirdly it is a social thing.

Lastly (And related to this third reason.) is the need to learn about other’s ideas and lifestyles. Through others I can be exposed to new ideas and media and others may be able to enrich those things I already enjoy. I can go into my hometown and meet friends I have known for years. We can talk about what they are doing and their lives but they are unlikely to have much to add to my world view.

But There’s the rub. Initially these inane scribblings will only be read by a few privileged souls. So all I can do is keep writing and hope that this appeals to those, like me, who enjoy the not quite so ordinary in life. Please feel free to comment.

Whilst writing this I was watching the funeral of a national icon, Cilla black. In tribute here is my favourite Cilla track “Alfie”