Have a look at the three pictures above. I am of the heterosexual male variety so it happens to be ladies but it’s the type of image I am trying to establish. There is nothing explicit about them. By today’s standards they are tame but to three different generations they were considered to be sexy. For my generation this lady played havoc with my teenage hormones:lambs And now it would probably be……tumblr_n11uoaZNed1re1m2po1_400

So again what, apart from my changing taste in women, makes these sexy? They don’t even offer a glimpse of genitals. For me the answer lies in 1 word. Imagination. All these pictures leave the observer to imagine what might lie inside these clothes should you be lucky enough to get up close and personal. It is the same factor that operates with Mr Darcy’s wet shirt, you get a glimpse of what lies underneath-just enough to whet your appetite but no more.

I was once an avid watcher of the olde British sex comedy in which there was little explicit action. You had to imagine much of it and I had an excellent imagination. Advertisers understood the concept. There was also a story of sorts. People dressed in various costumes. It was so much more erotic watching a girl undress while a man watched her from a window. The entire vampire thing relies on this. Hammer horror got it exactly right, a combination of horror and soft porn.

If I were actively seeking a partner nowadays and the lady in the green corset was sitting near me but wearing  a dress falling to just above the knee my mind would be going into overdrive. Even what she is wearing hints at the delights beneath.

So what happened? Well I believe it’s our old pal the internet. Do a search for anything which floats your boat (BBW stocking pornography is a favourite of mine.). Instantly you will be bombarded with links leading to pages of thumbnails and in turn to videos. But gone are the ones that begin with fully clothed people who slowly undress each other before the action begins. The seduction in this type was part of the excitement. Given that BDSM lurked hidden in my psyche unwilling seduction was even more of a turn on. Now the action will begin with near naked couples or groups inserting bits of themselves into other people. Personally I find this a turn off. In a way it is like food, enjoyment of a meal lies in a drink beforehand, anticipating how the food will be cooked and the smell emanating from the kitchen. The visual presentation is important too. In this sense modern pornography is like fast food, to be got down as quickly as possible so you don’t notice how bland and tasteless it really is. I would welcome a mix of these types. A bit of a back story, some erotic clothing and then the action would be good but it seems no one agrees it’s instant action or nothing.

There are many things that seem to operate on this principle. I call it the instant gratification factor. Why bother with imagination when all is available on a plate. For a young man the internet and a supply of tissues offers a few seconds entertainment and a quick release.

So if anyone knows what he hell I am banging on about have a look for  any Mary Millington films, The Confessions of…… series or anything coming under British sex comedies and you will get some idea. For those who enjoy five minutes of hardcore, each to his own, but otherwise give me something I can exercise my imagination on before the other bits come into play

A list of British sex comedies and sexploitatiion films