I am an aspiring writer. I know I have a book or two in me and I am positive they will come to fruition. I am also an avid reader and therein lies the issue.

I was introduced to books very early and have read ever since. The trouble is I have read many genres by many excellent writers that I feel my ideas must have been done by someone else and in all likelihood done better.

Technically I am competent and very literate but no matter how much I think about a plot it seems to be a pale imitation. I am at present reading S J Parris and C J Sansom and have been inspired to write about the Medieval period. I just can’t help thinking that if I could produce a good plot then they would have been inspired by me. I guess it may be that plot elements are never totally original and too many similar plot elements might amount to plagiarism. I will end up sorting out this conundrum but a published writer-I seriously can’t see it.