This was me way back in the depths of time (Or the 70’s as I called them.). I have passed much water since then (Or something to that effect.). And now I find myself in the 21st century.

So here I am 54 years old and, according to everything I have been taught I should now begin to slip quietly into my slippers and smoke my pipe till the Angel of death comes a calling. Well,with all due respects, bugger that.

I was born into a poor family and it looks like I won’t be changing that trend. However, way down the family tree there must have been some money, or at the very least a bit of native intelligence. I have no evidence for this statement except for the fact that most of my immediate ancestors seem to have been literate and dabbled in things which required more than average learning. I too have been cursed with the gift of an enquiring mind and an absolute passion for I.T. of all kinds. I see people on T.V. and of my vintage who are patronized within inches of their lives by well meaning I.T. advisors. I see people who find it difficult to understand concepts which I find easily understandable and even exciting. I enjoy humour of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, music of many eras find their way to my Ipod including more recent stuff. I enjoy a good documentary, Medieval history being my subject of choice. I read crime thrillers, science fiction and non fiction if it’s readable. I also write too and am hoping to produce a medieval murder mystery of my own.

Now for the bit that will really tell you a lot about me. I enjoy sex, my wife enjoys sex. We enjoy sex of an unusual nature (BDSM) and also seek out the oddities of the human need to reproduce. I am not averse to pornography, except for the caveat that there are some things that are totally taboo. I am hoping to write a novel with a very adult theme. This and my murder mystery have been started but progress very slowly.

Hopefully I have achieved my aim and you will now have some idea as to why I  cannot simply slip into the oblivion of old age and will remain a teenager until this body decides otherwise. I have had some health issues (Stroke, Kidney stones, Gout, cataracts) none of which have curbed my appetite for life.


The above pic will show you that I am fond of wearing loud t-shirts and shorts in summer or combats and a hoodie in winter.

So why this blog, well I suppose it is designed to tell others that you don’t have to give in quietly to the age police, you shouldn’t let those around you make you old before your time and if anyone wants to discuss any of the above feel free.